Writer’s Cafe – Chennai

While we were searching for team lunch spots across the city, this place was just a few minutes away. The place used to have a decent buffet under the Copper Chimney brand. I remember it being mostly full and a little congested during my previous visits. The newly opened Writer’s cafe has expanded the place with floor to ceiling glass paneling. There’s ample amount of sunshine and immediately give a warm vibe to the place.

We had ordered the veg sandwich, a pesto-mozarello pizza, hash browns, paneer skewer, cheesy fries and a stroganoff. We finished it off with the ‘Sunshine’, a dessert with 2 crepes topped with 3 falvirz of ice cream and generous amount of cream and chocolate sauce. It was the best part of the meal was over in a matter of minutes. 😁

The price is reasonable and comparatively lesser than many of the cages in the vicinity. The food is definitely spot-on and almost all our dishes were good. Do check this place out.

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