When breath becomes air – Book review

When breath becomes air” is about the life journey of Dr.Paul Kalnithi. An aspiring neurosurgeon graduating from the Stanford university. Paul is a literature undergraduate who is on the search for the meaning of life. His search for the meaning of human existence had taken him from the arts and a leap to medicine. We travel along the life of this aspiring doctor who is on the verge of earning his life achievements when he gets diagnosed with cancer. From looking forward to decades of illustrious career to start counting the months left to live, the transition is sudden and unfair. Being a doctor, Paul records his trembling moments with such an accuracy that it makes you uneasy and puts into shock at times. He throws light on the life of a doctor from both ends. How he had cajoled people giving them hope with promises and how it is to be on the receiving end of it as well. Although we knew how the book is going to end, it doesn’t prepare us for the painful journey it descends into. Paul’s wife completes the final chapter from where Paul has left off in a moving and graceful manner.

 When breath becomes air - Paul Kalanithi - book review
We almost never think about death until it creeps up on us one day. Paul makes you conscious of it through this book and that’s the biggest success of it. This premise is the stuff of sentimental novels. But then when you think that it’s a real story, it stings you more than you expect.
A brilliant read and a deserving piece of literature! I loved it and hope you would love it too. 
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