War of the planet of the apes

War for the planet of the apes! Whew! That's really long for a modern movie name. The apes trilogy started off on a small scale I'm 'Rise..' when a home experiment went wrong leading to an advanced species. The second part 'Dawn..' scaled it up a notch by putting the humans and apes against each other. The third part raises the emotional quotient by going into the finer nuances of the ape world.

War of the planet of the apes is your traditional good vs evil story. Here the humans fight back to claim what was once their place in the world. Caesar tries for peace but that doesn't hold for long leading to the war. Traditionally humans had been depicted as Good Samaritans and animals had been demonised in most movies. But this movie stands apart in the fact that the apes are good and humans are evil. It's a weird new feeling watching the apes take on against humans and we applauding for that.

It would be really hard to have an engaging movie when your lead character is an 6ft ape with a limited vocabulary of 100 words. Most of the other characters are also limited to sign language and facial expressions. Despite all these, 'War..' impresses you purely on the screenplay and visual effects. There's one close up shot of an orangutan conveying its feelings to a child through its eyes. Those eyes' depth would pull you in, you would be able to discern each of the eyelash hair and see that faint reflection of the kid on the eyes. You understand what the ape tries to tell without a single word of dialogue. That single shot might have taken months to create but it showcases how far VFX has come in the recent years and that's backbone of this film. There's not one second you feel that what's on the screen might not be real.

The movie might not appeal to everyone but it's a #must-watch for a true movie buff!

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