Stark Bistro – Chennai

This is the latest entrant in the Chennai Cafe scene and aims to stand out with it’s Marvel themed interior. It’s situated at near the corner of Harrington road by the signal. Two unmistakable arc reactors and a tired Iron-Man welcome you at the door. Upon entering you see a life size hulk by the stairs and a Spiderman at the first floor. There are also a few comic books strewn across the hall. The ambiance is quite good and would definitely appeal a Marvel fan.

The Menu had lot of cute Marvel references in the dishes. The selection is quite small though. We ordered the Pizza and spaghetti starter. We wasn’t expecting much on the food front since the place is only a few weeks old but they won us over. The Pizza sauce was strikingly fresh and tasty and Crissy so thin and delicious. The spaghetti starter had o oodles of cheese and was yummy. We paid 600 for 2 dishes and came out completely satisfied.

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