Parthasarathi Vilas – Trichy

Parthasarathi Vilas! It sits right at the outer wall of the famed Tiruvanaikoil Temple in Trichy. The eatery opens early at 5am and have been serving ardent early-morning temple goers for decades. We suddenly plan to visit this place one early morning. It has been close to a decade from my previous visit. What used to be a dingy, smoke covered place had now been cleaned and renovated a little. The waiters were courteous and suggested to have the rava pongal first.

When I had the first morsel of rava pongal, I was shocked to realise that taste hasn’t gone down a single bit. It was velvety smooth with the right hints of pepper. Next bite was onto the Sambar Vada. This is not your average Vada dunked into a bowl of sambhar just when you had ordered. This one had been swimming in the sambhar right from it’s birth close to an hour. It literally melts into your mouth and tasted divine.

The most famous item of Parthasarathi Vilas is the Ghee roast though. We were heart-broken when the waiter said that the dosa won’t be available till 7:30am in the morning.
We did what any self-respecting foodie would do. We roamed around a bit along the Tiruvanaikoil Temple and came back exactly at 7:30 with a sheepish grin in our faces. The hotel was jam-packed this time and we had to wait a few turns. Finally got our seats and ordered the ghee roasts.

Since there was a huge order queue for the dosa due to the crowd, we we’re offered an option to have poori as starters till then. We politely agreed to that proposal and started munching. After the long wait, the dosa arrived with much fan fare and it was worth the wait. The dosa was roasted to golden brown with generous amounts of ghee dripping from it and tasted heavenly.

I wouldn’t go as far as saying this as the best I had tasted. There are a number of places in Chennai which are at par to this place. But making an early morning trip to a heritage hotel which maintaims it’s quality over decades still makes it for an interesting experience. ☺️☺️

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