Dan Brown Origin – Book Review

By his third Robert Landon novel, Dan Brown had created a successful template. A mysterious murder happens in a beautiful historic city. Somehow Landon gets implicated in the death and there starts an unavoidable chase. A charming lady, sometimes also the subject expert of the mystery, ‘accidentally’ gets stranded with Langdon. We get a lovely little tour of the city and a series of interesting puzzles which gets resolved on the way. It has become repetitive yet engaging in parts.
Origin is fifth in series of the Robert Landon novels by Dan Brown. The burning issue in this one is about religion and its relevance in the modern century. We have an Elon-Musk kind of a technology wizard who believes more in Science than religion. He questions the fundamentals of everything. #WhereDoWeComeFrom and #WhereAreWeGoing. This eternal debate gets a 21-st century makeover here. The novel brings out a few well-meant arguments but fizzles out at the end. The twists weren’t strong enough and the revelation was underwhelming.
I’m not sure whether I had become better in solving clues or Dan had started losing his story spinning abilities. If you are a Dan Brown fan, you’re gonna read ‘Origin’ anyway :-P. If you are new to Dan Brown, check out The Davinci Code or Angels & Demons. They are still the best.
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