Notes of a Dream

I had taken a liking to reading biographies over the past few years. I read about Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and Richard Branson, some of the superheroes of our generation. The books somehow felt as fairy tales for grown-ups wherein the hero is *real* in those stories. But they still lived in a different world from me.

When I first saw the book about A.R.Rahman, “Notes of a dream”, the prospect of reading about someone closer home seemed exciting. I wasn’t fully sold on that idea at first though. I worshipped #Rahman and not a day ends without me hearing a bit of Rahman’s music. I was a self-confessed “Rahmaniac” and had meticulously collected his song as treasures. What extra this book is gonna show me which already didn't know of ARR?? In the end, curiosity got the better of me and I succumbed into buying the book on Amazon.

A.R.Rahman - Notes of a dream
A.R.Rahman - Notes of a dream

The first 50 pages trace the life of Rahman's childhood. It was interesting to know how a teenager had managed his school, his family and a career. The real magic of the book started for me somewhere after 1/3rd of the book. That’s when Rahman's film career begins in the form of "Roja". From this part, it became an interactive activity for me. The author, Krishna Trilok would gush about a specific note in a soundtrack leading me to search, listen and re-live that magic. It was a tiny bit of time travel to go back to the ’90s & '00s. I had to restrict myself to read only certain pages. It would give myself time to listen to the soundtracks and savour them in peace. It took me two weeks to finish those chapters and thereby listening to the entire catalogue of ARR.

More than the writing per se, it's Rahman's rich history and the memories tied to those moments which elevates the book to another level. This book is a must-have for any die-hard AR Rahman fan and it’s a good read for others.

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