Mezze is co-located with the “Wandering artist” space, one of the happeneing places recently in Chennai. It’s tucked in a quiet street of the Greenways road. Like most new cafes in Chennai now, it’s a bungalow converted into a food joint.
The place is small and could hold around 20 people but it has a lovely ambience. We have these bright little yellow bulbs dangling from the ceiling and a catchy blue shade on the wall with an array of plates.
The service is quick and the orders were quickly delivered. Most of the dishes were fairly new to us. We started off with the basil Hummus and a paneer pizza and it was delicious. Chicken sambusa is like the Arabian version of our samosa and it was perfect. The quantity is a bit less than you would expect and you never feel filling after all that dishes. Still feeling hungry we ordered the Harissa fish, which surprisingly turned out to be the star of the day. The fish was melting in the mouth and the pita bread and hummus proved to be the perfect combination. The only letdown was the baklava. It was too crispy and came drowned in sugar syrup. The ones I have had before were a bit soft and were mildly coated with sugar. It’s probably a personal preference I guess.
Overall the place is awesome and is a must visit if you wanna checkout Mediterranean food.

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