Gossip Fusion Bistro

Far along the winding lanes of ECR lies this quiet little bistro. Its just before the ECR toll booth on the left side while going from Chennai. This is one “Gossip” which has no harm in being spread across. The cafe has a lovely ambience, with cute Roman decorations, hanging plants and that standard Madonna poster you get to see in the new-age cafes.
Have been going to this place quite a few times and have taken a lot for my friends and the weekend breakfast has never failed us. The cafe serves one of the best English breakfast in town. They also serve a south Indian breakfast which is equally good but I somehow couldn’t justify going 40kms for an idly-vada while I have awesome options right next to my home. The English breakfast is still worth a trip.
It’s tasty, has the right quantity and is consistent with the quality. If you love a long drive and lovely English breakfasts, give this place a try on a weekend! #Foodie

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