DunkirkAbsolutely stunning piece of craft!!! ❤️

Nolan ditches almost every rule of film-making and dives all in to give us one of the most nail-biting, goosebumps riddled ride of a lifetime. 

The movie happens during the World War II period where about 400000 soldiers get stranded on a beach with the enemies closing in on all sides. Nolan drops us just right into this relentless war zone without any warning. Right from the first shot we are pulled into the mayhem and it doesn’t stop still the very last scene. The movie unfolds through multiple story lines in parallel which converges at an emotional end. To put in perspective, how would it be to watch the inception climax for 2 hours, its about the same and even a little more. 

This deserves to be watched on an IMAX screen. Anything less is a disgrace for its grandeur. So start saving up!! It goes without saying that this one is a must-watch!!! 

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