Black Panther

Black panther traces the life of a prince who’s suddenly thrust upon a huge responsibility due to his father’s untimely death. But director Ryan Coogler weaves this story with a brilliant take on the class and oppression amidst the usual Marvel superhero boundaries. This one is quite an Oscar-worthy drama masquerading as a superhero movie! […]


Padmavat revolves around a royal couple deeply in love with each other and a ruthless neighbouring King madly in lust over the queen. The eventual fallout between the kingdoms is told in a 3 hour long visual spectacle. The movie is watchable for the signature Bhansali sets/dance sequences and Ranveer’s powerhouse acting. It also makes […]


The first 10 minutes of Aruvi should be a master class for most Tamil directors on how to portray a heroine. It’s stark, real and gives a peek into a young, lovely girl’s life. You get a feeling that’s she’s not very different from the women in your lives. I believe this was the most […]

Black Mirror

Whenever I used to talk about Mr.Robot series, people would suggest me to watch Black Mirror that it was even better. I had my doubts and finally caught up last week. Man! This is in another level! Black Mirror is an anthology series dealing about Technology and its impending effects. Every story happens in a […]


Absolutely stunning piece of craft!!! ❤️ Nolan ditches almost every rule of film-making and dives all in to give us one of the most nail-biting, goosebumps riddled ride of a lifetime.  The movie happens during the World War II period where about 400000 soldiers get stranded on a beach with the enemies closing in on […]

Baby Driver

There are musicals.. There are bank robbery movies.. And there’s ‘Baby Driver’ which is a music-inclined-heist movie… The slightly hearing-impaired hero is always tuned to his iPod. He literally matches each of his steps to the beats of the audio track. The movie starts off really, really well. The hero works as a getaway car driver […]