Borrowing a few books from the human library!!

Few days back, I came across a human library event on my FB time line. The name sounded funny but it also intrigued me. I’ve read about it happening abroad but didn’t expect it to happen in Chennai. Anyways I was free for the weekend and signed up for it right away. Being a little experimental kind of session, I honestly expected a max of 10 people to turn up. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see more than 100 heads when I entered the British council library. There’s finally some hope, I assumed. Everyone went through a quick registration process and were able to pick 3 books. Each book corresponds to a person and a topic. We gathered around the book and started listening to their stories. 

It’s either me being a foodie subconsciously or is it sheer coincidence that my first book was Mr. Praveen of Awesome Chef, a food-kit delivery service. His startup delivers a precisely measured food ingredient kit with a recipe, which can be cooked into a restaurant-quality meal in half hour. The promise sounded interesting and he can definitely count me in for trying that out next week. It was interesting to know about his journey into the food sector, his challenges and inspirations. We also discussed about the organic wave that many people are interested in. 

The second book was Mrs. Imavathi who religiously practices the natural way of living. She reiterated that how following the methods of our forefathers had helped her regain her health. These are often repeated stuff, still here is her wisdom. 

* Eat only when you are hungry and not as per your time table. This itself would prevent half of the lifestyle diseases. 

* Sleep early and get up early

* Use normal tap water stored in earthenware pots or copper jugs instead of packaged cans.

* Avoid AC and foam beds 

It’s gonna be huge challenge to follow these but I’m gonna try a few. 

The last book was Ms. Ranjitha, a reporter from TOI. Had a fun, interesting discussion on following one’s passion in an Indian family environment. 

Thanks to the team who had pulled off this event. Overall, an interesting morning and looking forward to more such sessions

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  1. can you name the second book. It sounds interesting bro.!

    1. Imavathi

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