Black Mirror

Whenever I used to talk about Mr.Robot series, people would suggest me to watch Black Mirror that it was even better. I had my doubts and finally caught up last week. Man! This is in another level!

Black Mirror is an anthology series dealing about Technology and its impending effects. Every story happens in a new setup and are not connected to one another. The defining thing about this series is that it doesn’t seem so futuristic though it’s based on technology. The people and the environment remind you of a modern, western city with any one technological thing being more advanced. There are no flying cars, jet packs or neon lightings. These are regular people reacting to that day’s advanced technology. How it impacts their lives forms the crux of the series.

The title couldn’t have been more suitable. It’s a mirror which showcases life if we would choose the darker way. There had been a lingering sense of restlessness whenever I finish one of the episodes. I often had to watch an episode of friends or Two and a half men to bring back my mind to normalcy. If you are into heavy stuff, this one is a must watch!

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