The first 10 minutes of Aruvi should be a master class for most Tamil directors on how to portray a heroine. It’s stark, real and gives a peek into a young, lovely girl’s life. You get a feeling that’s she’s not very different from the women in your lives. I believe this was the most important aspect of the film. You never see Aruvi as a glossed up Tamil-heroine but someone among us. It makes us feel whatever she goes through as our own. You smile, laugh, cry and get angry along with her following her life journey! 

The movie puts you through a myriad of emotions and finally leaves you with a heavy heart. While you walk out of the theatre still hung up on the climax, a random little voice calls out in your head ‘Rolling-Sirrrr’ and you break into a smile. There are very few movies which had managed to portray such beautiful emotions and it requires immense talent to take a story which borders on a documentary and make it this poetic. Arun Prabu and Aditi Balan deserve a massive applause and warm welcome!! One of the finest movies of 2017 and a must watch!!!

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